Endless FT. STONE

(This work consists of audio installation and performance.)

LCC Postgraduate Shows 2018: Show 2 Design and Screen Schools

MA Sound Arts

Originally inspired by the Greek mythology of Sisyphus where stone assumes an integral yet supporting role in the story. Diverging from the myth, stone is the main character in this work. Stone is a material that produces different sounds with every action, sounds that are so intricate as to be almost irreproducible, hence the depth of listening is endless. Combining deep listening with the sound of stone, Endless ft. Stone is also influenced by historical compositions such as Christian Wolff's Stone(1969) and Pauline Oliveros' Rock Piece(1979). The sounds triggered by both the artist, and audience members with their actions are layered. Featuring Sending and Receiving, Sound and Silence, Multi-dimension listening, the work aims to give audience members the opportunity to listen to the sounds of stones deeply, including sounds that are not ordinarily loud enough to be heard. 


Thomas Gardner, Salomé Voegelin and Mark Peter Wright

Irene Revell for amazing curation

Jon Gordon and Seb Bruen for technical support

Jinjing Tan, Joy Wang and Guy Teeranont for photos

Special thanks to Pauline Oliveros, Akio Suzuki, Christian Wolff and Ryuichi Sakamoto for their great contribution to sound arts

Very special thanks to Louise Gray for advice and the kindest encouragement!

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